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Copy Writer

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5-7 years experience in an advertising agency as a copywriter.  Must have 360 campaign experience.  Will not consider candidates who don’t meet these criteria. Please submit your portfolio and references to hiring @ tattooprojects.com


Senior Art Director

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We are looking for an art director that cares too much. Someone that is always searching for the big idea, but never loses sight of the details. Someone with unreasonable passion for typography, color theory, and well labeled Photoshop layers. Someone who understands that concept is king, but to get that idea noticed the design must kick ass. Someone that wants to be part of a small agency that is fortunate enough to to work on national and international accounts. Ideally, this person has a portfolio that makes us jealous and at least 5 years experience in an advertising or branding agency.

Please submit your portfolio and references to hiring @tattooprojects.com


Graphic Designer

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We only hire the best, and we hire complementary design teams. So you get to touch every client, moving pixels from print to digital to broadcast to your portfolio. Ideal candidates have 1-2 years experience, and are proficient in all of the Creative Suite programs. Must not need hand holding, but must be able to take creative direction. Must have an appreciation for strategy, a fast paced working environment, and an interesting range of personalities.



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This internship program isn’t for everyone. It’s a privilege for the lucky and hard-working few. This is a rigorous 3-6 month unpaid program, a proving ground for young professionals that want to break into advertising. This is neither school, nor advertising camp. You won’t just learn; you will effectively contribute in a fast-paced advertising agency environment. There are no guarantees of getting hired, but our interns do have a strong track record of finding employment in the advertising industry.


All applying interns must have a portfolio, preferably online. That goes for copywriters, art directors, graphic designers, account executives, and project managers. Yes, account executives and project managers, you also need a portfolio that shows off your skills. You’ll thank us later.

To apply, please email portfolios and resumes to hiring@tattooprojects.com


Senior Account Executive

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We will never throw you under the bus. If you’ve been in the ad game for long enough, that sentence should make you grin. However, we have admittedly tough standards.

  • You must have 7+ years of agency experience.
  • Must know the business of advertising and our clients’ business inside and out.
  • Must get turned on by the words “New Business” and “Process.”
  • Must be organized, strategic, capable and willing to perform every aspect of client service.
  • Must be able to translate client jargon to creative and creative jargon to clients.
  • Must be able to build and lead a team.
  • Must never lose their calm.
  • Whenever you enter a room, the room must always get smarter.

Please send your resume, cover letter, and five written samples (briefs, PPT decks, budgets, timelines, strategy docs).

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That’s ok. Scottie Pippen was a walk-on in college. Around here we say: “If everything’s under control, you’re not moving fast enough.” If you have the intestinal fortitude to play ball with us, find a way to grab our attention.

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