With Tattoo Projects in its corner, Victory Motorcycles grabs some television time on DIRECTV’s new show,Kingdom.


Victory Motorcycles will be making regular appearances on the new hit show, Kingdom. This DIRECTV original series focuses on a group of small-time MMA fighters and the lifestyle surrounding the sport. Although Victory plays a small part, it marks another important milestone for the brand. As our Charlotte Ad Agency helps Victory wrestle market share away from the big boys, earning more TV face-time is a good indication of how the fight is going.


Here at Tattoo Projects, we think the exhilaration of riding a Victory motorcycle will perfectly compliment the excitement of fighting Mixed Martial Arts. We expect this show to be a hit, and we’re happy to have helped Victory step into the ring.


Tune in to channel 239 on DIRECTV, Wednesdays at 9pm to catch Victory Motorcycles on Kingdom. Just make sure any little ones are out of earshot before you dive into this mature drama. Whether Kingdom turns out to be a champ or take a dive, at least you know it will feature some great bikes.