Are you tired of female workplace empowerment lip service? Lipstick on the pig of patriarchy will only smudge the glass ceiling and will just leave you looking at an unfortunate reflection. That’s why we are placing talented and deserving women directly into Senior Creative Positions at Tattoo Projects. We are currently looking for world-class ACD level creative teams, both art and copy. We offer a place for world-class creative women to do the work they want and get the recognition they deserve; in return we demand creative excellence from you and your teams. If this interests you, join us at Tattoo Projects, where we intend to be the most important agency of the next 20 years. Note we are also hiring men for this role, but the kind of men that have the self and industry awareness to appreciate the previous paragraph.


The Job:


The Requirements:

The Comp:


The Agency:

We are a small but fierce advertising and production agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ad Age named us Small Advertising Agency of the Year. The Charlotte Business Journal twice named us amongst the fastest growing companies in the city. We are best partnered with those who are willing to take risks to get results, and willing to leave a mark with their creative work.


To Apply:

Please email, place your favorite brand of stiletto in the email subject line along with the job you are applying for.