So you climbed to the top of the hill at an ad agency. You’re now the director of client services. You have a headshot on your companies about page. But when looking around, you don’t like what you see. A boy’s club with no balls? Jargon jockeys that get spooked at the starting line? Yes-men clinging to their puny plot of power, afraid to risk climbing the next peak? Most will find the last 65 words as too risqué; the right Director of Client services isn’t afraid of the exposure. They have the experience, the talent, the poise under pressure, and the aspiration to help Tattoo Projects summit the next peak.

Tattoo Projects, a woman-run-creatively-driven advertising agency, seeks a Director of Client Services that has the soul of a Sherpa. We reach one peak, and then we set our sights on the next. The right Director of Client Services will have integrated experience: traditional, digital, broadcast, experiential, and social. Their client experience ranges from Fortune 500 to mom and pop, b2b, b2c, and DTC. The right director of client services will be put off by that last sentence that used three acronyms in one sentence.

The Job:

The Requirements:

The Comp:

The Application: