The Job:

The right people for this role are willing, capable, and eager to do three jobs in one role – probably more. On any given day, you will be operating as a content creator, an executive producer, or line-producer/project manager. You have the experience to establish and standardize the production process for all video formats. You have creative curiosity and production flexibility to experiment with new formats and develop new processes on the fly. You have the discipline and perspective to balance budgets vs egos, perfection vs progress, and organization vs speed. Most people reading this will shake their head in disbelief wondering how any one person can succeed at all of these contradictory challenges.  A select few are nodding along, confidently muttering, been there, done that, can’t wait to be a part of what Tattoo Projects will do next.

Content Creation:

Production Excellence:

Creative Support:

The Requirements:

The Application:

Please email, place Director of Video Content in the Subject Line along with your favorite youtube video.