Charlotte Advertising Agency, Tattoo Projects takes first place at the AAF Charlotte’s 6th annual Halloween Dodgeball Ex-SCARE-aganza.



Exemplary sportsmanship, extraordinary skill, and over-exposed thighs—Tattoo Projects’ Balls of Anarchy was a team to be reckoned with. Swathed only in daisy dukes, fueled only by Jack Daniels, and armed only with arms, we took to the court to dodge balls.


Our game plan was simple: play good and look great. No strategy. No plan of war drawn in the sand. We ran hard. We threw hard. And we flexed so hard. Unrestricted by the prison of pant legs, we moved like the wind blowing up our jorts. Unshackled from the binds of sleeves, our arms were free to impress spectators.


Long into the night we volleyed back and forth. Violent exchanges marked by whizzing balls, guttural cries, and the blur of pasty white thighs. The strongest fell. The best looking made funny faces when throwing. Nary a soul was safe.


When the dust settled, Balls of Anarchy was victorious. We graciously accepted the first place trophy on behalf of Tattoo Projects. And our player with the most leg accepted “Best Costume” on behalf of deep squats.


It was a victory for our creative advertising agency, and a victory for short shorts.