From November through December broadcast advertising is filled with some great, short story telling. It’s hard to remember every ad you see, but why do some ads stick with viewers and others don’t?


For an ad that sticks, take a look at Apple’s latest holiday ad, “The Song.”

This ad isn’t about one product, but the brand, and how everything they produce can be connected from hardware to software. However, that’s not what’s most important to the viewer.


An impression is left because of the sentiment. It’s all about the power of being connected to people from the past through today’s technology (which Apple happens to provide). Any viewer can relate to this sentiment. In the digital world, people are constantly creating photo albums and posting “throwback” photos to be reminded of happier times in their lives.


Through Apple’s story, consumers are reminded of the way technology has enhanced this connection with the people they care about. The goal of any effective holiday campaign is bringing people together with the product that’s being promoted.


Telling a story this way doesn’t work for every brand, or product, especially when relying on product placement to carry the narrative. When you do find the way to pull your consumers closer together with your product on a personal level, you’ll leave an indelible impression.