We’ve had a busy summer filled with building apps, shooting TV spots, and creating and executing a killer weeklong client event. Through it all, our summer interns have been kicking ass and assisting us on projects while getting their feet wet in the ad business.

Liam Soren joined us this summer as a copywriting intern and quickly proved his worth through his writing and concepting abilities — so much so that we couldn’t let him go. At the end of his three months, he had assembled a killer portfolio of work that helped us and our clients grow. We’re happy to announce that Liam will be joining our Charlotte advertising agency fulltime as a Junior Copywriter.

Originally from New Hampshire, Liam attended UNC Charlotte where he majored in Psychology and Sociology. Instead of putting his degree to work in academia, he decided to use his knowledge of consumer behavior in a career in marketing. Over the last several months, Liam has definitely shown his ability to channel the psychology behind getting in the mind of a brand’s target market to produce work that moves product and people.

Before coming to Tattoo, Liam ran marketing promotions for a hospitality management company in Charlotte.

Aside from his love for advertising, Liam enjoys playing with his 6-month old son, Jack, dodging student loan phone calls, and quality testing choice liquors. He’s also in the running for the best hair in the office (just don’t tell Phil).ee