VICTORY MOTORCYCLES “INSIDE” from Tattoo Projects on Vimeo.

Jumping off a cliff, flying through the air, lightning striking, bull riding, and a good punch in the face. These are just some of the heart-in-your-throat moments Tattoo Projects served up as how it feels to hit the road on a Victory motorcycle, in this new :30 TV spot.  We paired the raw emotion that comes with riding a motorcycle with footage of the Cross Country in a move we guarantee you aren’t seeing done with a beefy, American V-Twin bagger: drifting. Tattoo Projects was one of the first production companies to use thePhantom Flex4k high-speed camera, with 4k resolution up to 1,000 fps. The spot, which breaks this week, will air on national networks, which include History Channel, Travel Channel, ESPN, and ESPN2, just to name a few.