Our newest client just revealed their newest product, and this North Carolina-based advertising agency was on board to make sure the launch was full of flavor.


Tattoo Projects helped Horchata Piñata say “Hola” to the Texas MilkSplash lineup on August 14th, and the new flavor immediately made a delightful splash. Within hours, Yahoo Finance picked up the story, giving national attention to the fast-growing milk flavoring from S&D Beverage Innovations.


For those who no hablo, Horchata is a creamy beverage made from rice milk and mixed with a cinnamon sweetener. Although popular in authentic Mexican restaurants, Horchata can be hard to find in grocery stores for those seeking a regular fix.


MilkSplash and Tattoo Projects plan to fix this scarcity and fill a hole in the marketplace by bringing ready-to-make horchata flavoring to a retailer near you. Horchata Piñata, just Piñata to his friends, tastes like creamy cinnamon milk positively bursting at the seams with flavor. Portable and easy to mix, Piñata sings “Happy Birthday” to your taste buds—Marilyn Monroe-style, not Chili’s waitress staff.


We love getting press for our clients. So far, fan reaction is positive, and demand strong. Among the staff of our Charlotte creative agency, Horchata Piñata is quickly becoming a new favorite, and we’re already looking forward to the next new-flavor launch. MilkSplash certainly makes drinking milk awesome, and Tattoo Projects makes launching products bueno.


Looking to turn your boring ol’ milk into a sweet and creamy fiesta? Stir a splash of Horchata Piñata MilkSplash into your glass.