Pets. Toys. Shoes. Unidentifiable sticky substances. The home is an ever-changing obstacle course. So to introduce Hoover’s Multicyclonic Vaccum, Tattoo Projects created the mother of all obstacle courses where contestants would not only clean the filth, but also navigate a swinging hammer, a giant ball blaster, and the peskiest of vacuum cords. We pitted Hoover’s WindTunnel Max MultiCyclonic vacuum vs the Dyson DC33 in a competition where only vacuums with maximum features would survive.

This integrated campaign started off as an event, an actual competition with very real obstacles and serious consequences for anyone using an inferior vacuum. This was a traditional hub and spoke content model that maximizes production dollars to create as many videos as possible. All videos were housed in a microsite that entertained, informed, and most importantly sold vacuums.

This campaign matured from an actual obstacle course to individual commercials where Hoover conquered much more realistic obstacles. us.