When MilkSplash hired Tattoo Projects, they were an unknown milk flavoring for kids with zero calories and zero brand awareness. A few short months later, they could be found on the shelves of Wal-Marts and Targets across America.

MilkSplash asked us to help the brand find their voice and gain some footing in the marketplace. Tattoo Projects developed a two-fold plan to 1: establish brand personality and 2: boost sales.

Consumer insight revealed today’s mom is funky, fun, and more fiercely independent than the mothers of yesterday. We established a trendy personality to connect with moms on award-winning digital video and social platforms.

Our posts made MilkSplash social pages a prime destination for fun, humor, and advice. Every week, we give moms motivation, life hacks, recipes, and games for their kids.

Increasing sales started with Operation: Wal-Mart. This hard-hitting, sales-driven campaign maximized impressions on a minimal budget. We hit the best performing markets with a barrage of hyper-targeted media. Billboards were placed in the immediate vicinity of Wal-Mart locations. We purchased radio DJ live reads in targeted markets. Geo and demographically targeted Facebook and digital ads based became ever present in select markets. We followed up on the media plan with grass-roots street teams interacting with consumers at the point of purchase.

Operation: Wal-Mart had a three-month budget of just one million dollars, including creative development, events, PR, and media. In the first month alone, we garnered upwards of 32 million hyper-targeted impressions, and doubled MilkSplash sales in Wal-Mart.