When a Screw Revolution turned the hardware industry on its head, it’s no surprise Tattoo Projects was driving it. Outlaw Screws created the first real improvement to fastener design in over 80 years. Tattoo was tasked with positioning them to compete against the entrenched industry giants.

First, we crafted hundreds of logos and thousands of names to best personify the revolutionary nature of this product. Then we dove into packaging, social, PR, website development, content strategy, branded apparel, and a quirky/funny digital video. We planned and hosted an investor launch party with dozens of industry professionals and buyers. To create buzz in a typically quiet category, we introduced the product on KickStarter. No, they didn’t need the money. Unveiling Outlaw on a crowd-funding platform spoke to the truly radical nature of the product.

The KickStarter campaign easily surpassed its $100k goal, and the stunt forced large players in the industry to take notice. Almost immediately, General Electric put Outlaw Screws in the hands of industry professionals across the country. Soon after, Lowe’s stocked their shelves with Outlaw—a rare accomplishment for a “newcomer” product. All this less than a year after the client walked into our office with nothing but a sketch of a new screw design.