Sheetz is a 60 year-old family owned chain of convenience stores with over 425 locations across a six-state footprint throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Sheetz stands apart from ordinary convenience stores by serving restaurant quality made-to-order food on a 24/7 timetable. However, when Sheetz expanded into North Carolina, locals couldn’t quite grasp the concept that you could get great food from a place with gas pumps.

We launch branding and awareness  campaigns every year to convince 16-34 year olds that Sheetz IS the place for food through TV, radio, OOH, on-lot, and digital messaging. Humorous commercials grab the audience’s attention, and they learned that Sheetz is a great restaurant, even though they may not look like one. The results speak for themselves. For our most recent campaign, same store food and beverage sales increased by 6.1%, customers increased by 5.4%, and our digital elements garnered more than 256MM impressions.