Victory Motorcycles came to Tattoo as an aggressive underdog. A distant #2 in the American V-twin category, 100 years of branding messages behind Harley Davidson. But they were not intimidated. Victory has a better product, more powerful engineering, and a modern design. Consumer and market research led us to this insight, Harley’s heritage brand, oversized reputation, and aging riders can’t modernize fast enough to keep up Victory’s rapidly accelerating brand. So we leveraged that advantage into a unified brand message: Modern American Muscle.

To launch Victory’s new brand, we defied what riders thought was possible on an 800-pound motorcycle. We drifted a bagger on national TV, and then took viewers into the mind of a rider, showing what it feels to ride.  This television spot generated more than 119,000,000 impressions. Building brand momentum that carries through every communication, from national TV branding and product catalogs to in-store promotions and retail sales events. After the roll out of this brand, Victory experienced their highest sales quarter ever, a 30% rise in social media followers, and this quote from their General Manager.  “For years, Victory was a superior product with no brand direction. Finally, we have a brand that is as powerful as our motorcycles.”