Motorcycle riding and buying is a seasonal activity. Especially in the colder climates, sales go dormant during the winter months. Instead of accepting this as status quo, we ignited sales by creating a holiday called National Burnout Day. Scheduled for February 28th, we organized a 3-month hub and spoke model promotion. Anchored by an online video that seeded the excitement, this promotion encouraged riders to ignore the elements, fuel up their bikes, and perform a burnout wherever possible, then submit it to social media for a chance to win accessories. We supported this promotion with email blasts, social media promotions, in-dealer signage, and a turn key package for Victory’s other brand partners like ICON accessories, stunt teams and racing teams.

The anchor video quickly raced to more than 130,000 views. Partner videos spread throughout social media ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 views each. Victory fan submissions rolled in: videos, pictures, and countless comments. Then the promotion grew bigger than the Victory brand. Ducati dealerships submitted their National Burnout Day video. A Triumph rider in Britain asked us to change the name to International Burnout Day. The promotion exceeded all expectations. Not only setting a winter sales record, it showed that regardless of what brand bike you ride, Victory Motorcycles understands what motorcyclists wants. And that is why National Burnout Day is more than one-time promotion; it is now a National Holiday that motorcyclists look forward to every year.