Ten speakers. Two hundred watts. One packed venue. When Victory asked Tattoo Projects to help launch the loudest motorcycle to ever roll off a factory line, we all agreed it was time to turn up the volume, and throw a concert. Not just any concert, Godsmack headlined Daytona Bike Week at the famed Full Moon Saloon. We designed concert posters and promotional materials. We developed a digital press kit timed to release, as the bike was unveiled. Even before the concert, we made a lot of noise.

The event blew away expectations, guests that couldn’t get in waited outside the Full Moon Saloon. After watching several fans try to climb police and venue walls, all parties involved cooperated to lower the barricades. Allowing everyone on Daytona Main Street to enjoy the concert, more importantly, this was right when Godsmack started playing their smash hit 10,000 Horses. It was during that song when Victory unveiled the Magnum X-1 on stage. The music quieted, lights shined on the bike, and the bass kicked in from the X-1. The crowd erupted. This was one of those marketing moments that couldn’t have been planned, but somehow all came together through dedication, diligence, and a raw passion for motorcycles.