We’ve got some badass new graffiti in the office. Props go to our good friend and former employee, Jess Moen, who came through and tagged our wall with this one-of-a-kind piece.

Working with Rudy and Buffy, he captured the culture and energy of our shop with all of these illustrations. The bike and bomb symbolize our rebelliousness and powerful thinking. Not to be overlooked is the box being punched in the face; we go a little further than just thinking outside it.


We also have a pretty big appreciation for goats since they always find their way to the top of the mountain. The third eye on the goat is a nod to our authenticity, intuition, and deep listening, as well as our Creative Director/In-House Yogini. The whole mural is a clear reflection of our rock n’ roll attitude and creative ambition.


Jess is a super talented artist. Along with graffiti you can find work from him in fine art, graphic design and photography. If you’re looking for some killer work like this definitely look him up.