If you’ve ever eaten at Sheetz, you know just how massive their selection of Made-to-Order food is. Swipe through the touchscreen to order anything from subs, to breakfast sandwiches, to Mexican cuisine.

This huge variety has been a major selling point for the brand and the focus of several of our campaigns. But as a new customer walking into Sheetz, it’s hard to grasp just how big the menu is without exploring the touchscreen. With so many options, creating a physical menu board would be impossible to read.

One of our Charlotte advertising agency’s latest projects for Sheetz has been to develop strategy and creative for their digital screen roll out. This served to be a great opportunity for us to bring the menu out from the touchscreen and introduce new customers to the full breadth of offering.

We created a revolving digital menu on two of the three digital screens that will be installed above the Sheetz order point. A middle screen will serve to promote specialty items, advertising, and other elements of the brand. Overall, these screens reflect that Sheetz is the place for food and introduce a purposeful new medium.

We will continue to work on new animations and video for these screens as they will be constantly updated. If you spot them at Sheetz, let us know what you think!

Menu Screen Loop

Center Screen Loop