Last spring, our Charlotte ad agency launched a campaign for the Graduate School at UNC Charlotte. As Charlotte continues to grow, more and more Universities are establishing a graduate school presence in town. UNC Charlotte looked to us to develop a campaign that would highlight their world-class graduate school talent and the amazing work and research that is taking place on campus.

Our “Even Higher Education” campaign succeeded in increasing awareness for the numerous premier graduate programs that UNC Charlotte has to offer. Crowned-talent is alive and well in the Queen City.

As a refresher for this effort, we recently created a couple new campaign pieces that will run this fall. Featured in these pieces are UNC Charlotte’s Dr. Pinku Mukherjee and Dr. Jennifer Webb. Dr. Mukherjee is recognized for her award-winning work in pancreatic and breast cancer research, while Dr. Webb’s psychology research is addressing widespread health and wellness issues. It’s no wonder UNC Charlotte is recognized as North Carolina’s urban research University.

These additional elements will run alongside our past work, as this campaign gets new life this fall.