The past several months at our Charlotte advertising agency have been filled with hardware and tons of cheesy screw jokes in preparation for a product launch for Outlaw Fasteners.

Earlier in the year, Outlaw Fasteners approached us with an innovative new screw product. Their team developed a new screw and drive system, which represents the biggest innovation in screw technology in 80 years. The “World’s Best Deck Screw” alleviates the stripping, slipping, and wobbling off the bit that’s often associated with current screw types on the market. Plus, their UniGrip drive system only requires the use of a single bit for every screw size from 1” to 8” in length.

Outlaw had a working prototype in place, but was looking for our help to establish a brand, launch their product on Kickstarter, and generate some huge buzz and awareness.

Since getting started, we’ve developed a brand identity for Outlaw, package design for their deck screws, integrated social media and PR launch plan, website, content strategy, apparel, launch party event, and a brand video (filled with a bit of innuendo, of course). All this hard work has culminated in the Outlaw Deck Screw launching today on Kickstarter and making a splash in the hardware community.

Click over to Kickstarter to watch the video and read up about the Screwvolution. If you like what you see, you can pledge towards the project, snag some killer rewards, and be one of the first to experience the World’s Best Screw.

The Outlaw Kickstarter campaign will continue until October 30th, with a funding goal of $100,000. Check back throughout the month to stay posted on their progress. We’ll be screwing all October long.