No, we are not a tattoo parlor. But we will excuse you for asking if we are a yoga studio. Buffy McCoy Kelly, owner and cofounder of North Carolina-based Tattoo Projects, is a certified yoga instructor. Early morning, while the rest of the team is still dreaming about kicking ass, Buffy is already up and stretching hers.


This week, she unleashed her talents on the sedentary desk jockeys of her Charlotte advertising agency. On a volunteer basis, brave team members limbered up for a grueling crash course in beginner yoga. Designers, project managers, even interns put aside their creative projects to spend an hour on their chakras.


To start, Buffy eased everyone in with the basics. Downward dogs, modified cobras, Tattooers hit the whole animal kingdom.  Gradually increasing the intensity, Buffy stretched everyone to their limits. Soon, huffs and groans filled the office. But not from obnoxious use of industry jargon. No, these moves were hard!


While participants balanced on one finger, Rudy tinkered with motorcycles, finding peace in his own way. The dark, tranquil office stood in stark contrast to the usual ruckus of phone calls, rock music, and being awesome.


Afterwards, all participants reported a general feeling of relaxation and peace, as well as a new appreciation for the challenge of yoga. Indeed, the rest of their work that day had a certain je ne sais quoi.  And we noticed a marked decrease in bitching.


Maybe we’re on to something.