Beginning in July, Charlotte creative advertising agency, Tattoo Projects, is joining forces with MilkSplash™ to help kids enjoy drinking milk.


MilkSplash is the innovative new zero-calorie milk flavoring for busy parents who want their kids to drink more milk. It’s portable, fun, and easy to use. MilkSplash makes drinking milk AWESOME because it lets kids enjoy health on their own terms. We’re already experts in awesome, and we’re willing to learn a little about enjoying health.


A kid-focused product is a fun and interesting segue from Tattoo’s typical repertoire of motorcycles and millennial humor. As usual, our account and creative teams are eager for the challenge. In fact, they’re already throwing some pretty bold milk-related proclamations around the office:


“We’ll send bland flavor to its room.”


“It’s bedtime for half-finished glasses.”


“We’re going to do for milk what the Flintstones did for vitamins!”


Yeah, we’re pretty excited.


From our North Carolina office, the Tattoo team will handle traditional and social media, website management, and public relations for MilkSplash. This is a full-service relationship, so expect to see some Tattoo flavor poured into every aspect of the company’s communications. Together, we’re going to make a splash in the children’s beverage market.


MilkSplash is the brainchild of S&D Beverage Innovations, LLC, a division of S&D Coffee, Inc., the nation’s largest custom coffee roaster and blender of iced tea for the foodservice industry. This July, these beverage visionaries brewed up a new recipe for success:


Take one awesome new product.


Mix in Tattoo Projects.


And stir.